Dr APJ Abdul Kalam: These 10 thoughts of Dr. Abdul Kalam inspire millions of youth even today

1. Don't take rest after your first success because if you fail in second attempt then everyone will say that you got the first success by luck

2. If you want success in your mission, then aim only at your target

3. If you become FAIL in any attempt, do not stop trying because FAIL means First Attempt In Learning

4. Creativity means thinking about the same thing differently

5. If our intention to succeed is strong enough, then failure cannot overwhelm us

6. It is possible that we may not all have equal talent but we all have equal opportunity to develop our talents

7. Dare to think differently, dare to invent, dare to walk the unknown, dare to discover the impossible and conquer the problems and be successful. These are the great qualities towards which you must work

8. If a country has to be corruption free then I feel that there are 3 people in our society who can do that. These are father, mother and teacher

9. When we face obstacles, we find that there is courage and resilience within us that we ourselves were not aware of, and it comes to the fore only when we fail. We need to find them and become successful in life

Unless India stands at par with the world, no one will respect us. There is no place for fear in this world. Here only power respects power