Cartoon Network: 'RIP Cartoon Network' trended on Twitter, know what is the whole story

News surfaced that Cartoon Network TV channel is shutting down its services after 30 years

Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios to merge

In such a situation, after knowing this news, the fans got very upset and 'Rip Cartoon Network' started trending on Twitter

In fact, after the information about the merger of Cartoon Network channel came to the fore, users on social media started paying tribute to Cartoon Network

One user tweeted and wrote - "Thank you Cartoon Network for making my childhood osm"

Apart from this, another user also wrote - "End of an era, RIP Cartoon Network"

A post has been shared by the Cartoon Network channel which reads that we are not dead, we are just turning 30 To our fans: We are not going anywhere

We have always been and will be your home for cute, innovative cartoons and more to come

Sharing the caption of this post, Cartoon Network wrote in the caption - When the internet says you are dead but you are sitting here"